About the gO Initiative

The gO-to Team for reaching all of your athletic goals…

The GO Initiative is dedicated to our community. We are passionate about overall health, wellness, performance gains and supporting the athletic endeavors of the youth in Crested Butte and Gunnison.

We support professional bike, skimo and running teams because it is our passion. We have developed several coaching and training programs for those interested in making serious, long-term lifestyle changes related to their overall health and performance (for all types and levels of athletes)! And we have developed gOgirl Programs for mountain biking and skimo for our budding youth.  We’ve created races to test endurance and dedication in running, biking and skiing.

We believe athletes need to develop their strength both in body and mind so we’ve created the foundation to support healthy, injury-free and active lifestyles.



The gO Initiative received our 501c3 designation in February of 2017. We are excited to execute our Mission and continue to improve the lifestyles of athletes of all ages!


We educate, inspire and develop individuals of all ages and abilities in mountain sports by providing financial support and opportunities for a strong body and mind.