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Riding in June by Carrie Weinberg

June is my favorite month in Crested Butte. The mountains are coming to life with vivid greens, the tress are budding, the skies are blue, and the wild flowers are starting to pop, but most importantly, the single tracks are melting out and I’m getting more and more ride options right out my front door.

I usually spend the end of April and most of May on my road bike, or commuting to Gunnison for some dry single track. However, riding in the mountains is where my passion lies. There’s something about the multiple colors, the steep climbs, and rippin down mountains that awakens my mind, body, and spirit. From the pounding in my chest, to hearing myself breath hard, to feeling my muscles work in full force, and to all the visual stimuli reminds me that my entire body is fully functioning. My mind is brought to the complete present, breathing in and being fully aware of my surroundings.

This is a sport that I share with my husband and children. This is how I connect with my friends. This is how I deal with an anxious mind. This is how I de-stress. This is how I sculpt my body. This is how I get my vitamin D. This is how I explore the vastness of the mountains. With this sport, I feel a strong pull, not a push as I’ve felt with other sports. I never have to force myself to ride. The drive comes naturally to me. I ride for the pure passion of riding.

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