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gOgirl/gOguy Programs


“The bike is a vehicle upon which we travel for health, friends, community, and fun.”

The gOgirl/gOguy programs were started by gO Orthopedics in 2015, as a mountain biking program for Gunnison Valley youth. The program falls under the gO Initiative, a 501c3 Colorado Corporation intended to educate, inspire and develop athletes of all ages and abilities in mountain sports. As with other gO Initiative programs, we provide financial support and opportunities to optimize a strong body and mind through functional fitness, healthy lifestyle guidance and achievement. The programs have always focused on developing confidence both on and off the trails by giving them the resources they need to not only become a successful competitive or non-competitive athlete, but also a successful member of our community or any community in which they interact.

The gOgirl/gOguy premise is to develop confidence both on and off the bike. Programming is centered around mountain bike handling and progression/skill, which are paralleled to life skills and goals. We also believe that nutrition, rest, injury prevention, proper hydration and bike maintenance are hugely important. We hope to share the love the mountain biking, the experience of gaining skills with friends, and developing healthy lifestyle habits for life.

  • Gunnison – Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning June 7 – August 11 (no programming week of July 4)
Why did the price increase from $540 to $700 for 18 days?
  • 2021 was $30/day for 5 hours
  • 2022 will be $38/day for 6.5 hours
  • Increase in general operating costs, insurance, gas/van expenses, and permitting fees
  • Increase in overall value with new structured outcomes and scheduling
  • Needed to change hours in order to secure consistent coaches and resources, and bypass Gunnison heat
gOgirl/guy Gunnison Program

    • Ages: Minimum 7 years old
    • Dates:  June 7 – August 11, 2022 (Tuesdays + Thursdays; no programming week of July 4)
    • Times: 9:00am – 3:30pm
    • Cost: $700 for 18 sessions (no per diem)

gOgirl/guy Gunnison Program

Please note:  Registration is currently CLOSED to new comers. IF you are interested and would like to register your child, please send an email to to be added to the waitlist. Thank you!


For those who have been approved and still need to register, we will email you a registration link.


1. Please email a completed waiver (click below) to: You may also drop off a copy of the signed waiver at either gO clinic (104 W Ruby Gunnison or 433 Sixth St Crested Butte)


2022 Summer gOkid Waiver

Jr. gOgirls/guys
(7-9 yo / grades 3-4)

This is where it all starts!


This is our intro level group. Riders must be able to ride a bike independently with the excitement and attitude of getting out and about around Gunnison. They are ready to gain experience on mountain bike trails and learn the fundamentals of biking.


This group will be mostly outdoors for the afternoon, taking any needed snack breaks and multiple stops during the day (bonus is a stop at Jermaine’s for some fro yo!). The general idea is to get these kids to learn about riding around Gunnison, with an eventual transition from pavement onto beginner mountain bike trails around Hartman’s and Signal Peak. An emphasis will be kept on abiding by important city riding rules, obeying all laws and maintaining safety both on the streets and on the trails.


This group will also participate in other activities (rec center, lake, river, etc.) as permitted, and go to Crested Butte once or twice during the summer season.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Can ride a bike, steer and brake independently
  • 20″ wheels or larger
  • Hand brakes
  • Range of gears

(10-12 yo / grades 5-7)

A little more skill, a lot more excitement!


Second level gO riders love getting out on their bikes and should have previous experience riding mountain bike trails in/around the Gunnison area. They enjoy longer rides, exploring new terrain and are excited to ride more.


We recognize that within this age range there can be a wide range of abilities. These riders are separated into groups according to their ability level to ensure a great experience for all (depending on coach availability). They will develop their riding skills to improve confidence and control on Gunnison area trails.


This group will also participate in other activities on some Thursdays, and go to Crested Butte several times during the summer season to ride.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Experience on intermediate singletrack
  • 24″ wheels or larger
  • Hand brakes
  • Range of Gears

(13-14 yo / grades 8-9)

Entry into Leadership Skills


Tertiary gO riders are super excited to get out on intermediate trails with friends of a similar age and ability. They have experience on mountain bike trails and are looking to fine tune their skills to ride more, lead groups and provide leadership to the Jr. gOgirls and gOgirls.


We recognize that within this group there can be a wide range of abilities. These riders are separated into groups according to their ability level to ensure a great experience for all (depending on coach availability). Mentors will be set up with a lead coach and required to lead at least ONE lesson per day.


They will work towards improving and leading lessons to ride up, down and over Gunnison area trails, including Signal Peak and Hartman Rocks, as well as trails in/around Crested Butte.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Experience on mountain bike trails
  • Previous participation in gOgirl program
  • 27.5″ wheels or larger
  • Leadership Skills
  • Mentorship Skills